"Meditation can take you to that place of silence where infinite possibilities exist"

When I travelled to The Chopra Centre, San Diego in 2013 it was 5 years after my wake up call and by this time I was yearning for growth and healing. I never imagined that I would eventually become a Teacher with them but it is one of the most significant things I have done with my life because it brought me a daily tool for self discovery as well as a way to contribute simply and effectively to my clients lives.

Primordial Sound Meditation, is a sacred and beautiful technique originating in the ancient wisdom of India and revived by renowned spiritual educators and founders of The Chopra Centre, Dr Deepak Chopra and Dr David Simons.

During this course you will be given a Mantra or Sound based on the vibration the universe was making at the time of your birth (or approximate time of birth) to use during your Meditation Practise. This allows you to disconnect from the activity of life and drop into the space between the thoughts, the silence within.

The Primordial Sound Meditation course  can be done in person with Avanti, via video sessions with Avanti or online (coming soon).

This beautiful journey takes you all the way from the origins of Meditation to you developing a meditation practise daily. It focuses on the benefits to the physical, mental and spiritual bodies, practical tips, the 4 soul questions and the higher states of consciousness which is really our birthright;)

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What I learnt at The Chopra Centre about Meditation 

  • The practise of Meditation is easy to learn!
  • It does not require any specific religious or spiritual belief
  • Meditation isn’t about stopping our thoughts or trying to empty our mind
  • The benefits can come relatively immediately
  • Meditation is a tool for self discovery and for rediscovering your body’s own inner guidance system.
  • Practising meditation on a daily basis allows us to weave silence into our body and mind and foster a life of fulfilment, compassion and creativity.

"I loved the whole course but receiving my mantra was the best!" -Tanya

"Excellent course with Avanti, now I have the ability to meditate silently anywhere without music or guidance" - Michelle

"My energy is heightened, I have more clarity, am calmer and more relaxed"
- Justine

"My favourite part was focusing on spiritual awareness, mind, body and spirit as one, the course was comprehensive and easy to understand"

"I finally have meditated and feel this is a massive achievement, I already feel changes within me, Avanti is the perfect teacher"
- Suzi

"I loved practising meditation, awareness and learning the background behind the practice, and the benefits"
- Claire

"Content was mind blowing, eye opening" 
- Blake


“Prayer is you speaking to God. Meditation is allowing the spirit to speak to you.”

- Dr Deepak Chopra

Your true self awaits